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About Us
We offer a wide range of creative solutions to deliver a real return on your investment. We don't design for design's sake; we design for profit.

Translating business goals into effective design ensures we provide the best creative solution your business deserves. Brochas Communications develops bespoke campaigns derived from analysis of our client's strategic objectives. Only by fully understanding your business can we produce an end result that always surpasses expectation.

The Team

Gareth Morgan
Creative director
After taking a first class honours degree in Art and Design, Gareth spent 8 years working for a number of major agencies, including Gray Design, BAT/McCombie & Walter Skinner, becoming creative head at Arthur Anderson in 1970. In 1974, Gareth launched his own creative design house, Rowan Graphics. Initially producing high quality design-for-print, logo design and corporate ID, Rowan Graphics were early adopters of internet technology.
The Brochas Communications brand, introduced in 1995 as a dedicated offshoot of Rowan, has been providing a range of technology-based multimedia design solutions for almost 10 years. Our design companies are well placed to offer consistent corporate identities across all marketing media.

Peter Kenny
Direct marketing
A highly qualified and experienced marketer in nationalised, industrial, consumer training, agency and consultancy sectors with an MA in Marketing at Leicester University. Specialising in Direct Marketing. Client side includes market research for a host of Blue Chip clients.

Nigel Staples
Business development
Having trained in Advanced Sales Management at the Management Centre Europe in Brussels, Nigel moved from the client side where he was reponsible for the advertising and PR for a large American company. Nigel is now in charge of business development and client liaison on behalf of BCL.

Peter Wilson
Management services
Wide ranging career within a marketing and business environment, having managed service departments in a direct marketing company, an advertising agency, a market research company and a magazine publisher. Has also held positions at senior consultancy, director or partner level in a number of marketing, research and information consultancies.

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